Jan 19

Carin Roitfeld – Style Icon

Carin Roitfeld started out as a model when she was 18, having been scouted on a street in Paris by a British photographer’s assistant. She later became a writer and then a stylist for French Elle.  During her fifteen years working for the magazine, she wasn’t in any way regarded as the best stylist… but then …

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Feb 25

Oscar night – Who sparkled?

Oscar night has become so much more than just a celebration of film. The worlwide audience is now commenting, tweeting and chattering about the celebrity clothes and jewellery choices as much, if not more, than the debate over which are the best films of the year. A fashion faux pas, a wardrobe malfunction or an untimely …

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Jan 17

Amateur discovers 5kg gold nugget

Armed with nothing more than a hand-held metal detector, one lucky Australian has begun 2013 with the discovery of a lifetime. Whilst out prospecting in Victoria’s once rich goldfields he unearthed a Y-shaped gold nugget weighing a whopping 5kg. He is expected to sell the nugget for over USD$300k, if he doesn’t lose it whilst …

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Jan 08

Lorraine Schwartz – Jewellery Collections

Looking back at the amazing jewellery we saw in 2012, I can’t help but stop and remember some particular pieces, all different and yet made by the same person; Lorraine Schwartz. They say it takes generations to perfect this trade and Lorraine Schwartz is living proof that this is true. She is the 3rd generation …

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Dec 19

Hottest jewellery trends from 2012

Let’s take a quick look through the hot jewellery trends for 2012. Christmas is fast approaching, for those who are struggling for gift ideas for themselves (or just want to add something extra to their list!) check out these great photos for some inspiration…     Hair jewellery 2012 was a big year for hair jewellery, starting at …

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Dec 05

€1.2m jewel-encrusted Birkin bag

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to find this in your stocking! The £1.2 million jewel encrusted Hermes Birkin bag.     To own a Birkin bag full stop would be a life time goal for many of us but imagine owning one covered in diamonds! Reserved for the uber uber rich this purse is …

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Nov 28

Archduke Joseph diamond sets new world record

This month has seen the sale of the Archduke Joseph diamond at Christie’s auction house in Geneva. Weighing a flabbergasting 76.02 carats it has set a new world auction record price per carat for a colourless diamond. The rectangular cushion cut diamond was sold to a private bidder who wished to stay anonymous for $21.5m …

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Nov 14

Titanic jewellery on display

Jewellery salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic is going on display later this week in Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S. The 15 items, including pendants, rings and a pocket watch, were recovered from the wreck in 1987 when a small leather bag containing them was brought to the surface. The bag is believed to …

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Nov 06

Is the world’s diamond trade centre in crisis?

This article in the New York Times caught my eye. Almost 85% of the world’s uncut diamonds are traded in the Belgian port-town of Antwerp. However, the loss of much of its cutting and polishing business to Asia combined with a range of recent diamond trader violations, including money laundering and tax fraud, is threatening to undermine …

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Oct 29

Jennifer Aniston’s huge engagement ring

America’s darling sweetheart Jennifer Aniston is engaged! Praise the Lord we hear you cry! This lovely lady has been through enough bad relationships to last a life time so let’s hope her actor/ director beau Justin Theroux is the real deal. If the size of her engagement ring is anything to go by, we would …

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